February 13th 2019

Lighting is at the heart of the way we think and build. The continuous research and innovative Italian style have inspired the creation of new product lines, increasing the creative standard to develop something extraordinary.

With this spirit, we are proud to officially launch our 2019 General Catalogue with many new products for outdoor architectural lighting, characterized by unique design and high performances, studied and developed to create spectacular lighting effects and reinvent entire residential and urban areas.

The catalogue style has been completely renewed to be as professional as possible, as never before.

We invite you to download and enjoy it !

February 14th 2018

Design and performance: a bright mix for 2018.

PUK has started 2018 with a focus on continuity. The production of lighting fixtures combining innovative design and high-level technical performance continues to take priority subsequent to a creative journey embarked upon last year, which has brought to light new models such as Hydrotwist and Hydrohorizon. We are also pleased to announce the forthcoming launch of a new generation of in-ground recessed luminaires called Hydrofloor Invisalight boasting a unique feature: a special anti-glare optic with the light source positioned so low that it is practically invisible.
Definitely one to look out for!

However, our 2018 catalogue contains many more new products and developments for you to discover. Our collections and this catalogue have been created with the objective of meeting the application and decorative needs of those looking for something extra, products capable of enhancing your project, adding beauty and improved levels of performance. Have we achieved our goal? You decide.

In the meantime, please take note: we look forward to seeing you at light+building in Frankfurt, from 18th to 23rd March. Come and visit us there and see for yourself many of the models that you will see on the pages of our catalogue, a copy of which awaits you.

Shine with us in 2018!

February 25th 2017

We are happy and proud to introduce our New General Catalogue 2017, result of the continuous development of LED technologies and of our great passion for the Lighting world.

The new2017 items, further to pursue the excellence with technical quality level, are combined into an attractive, modern and essential design style, that confers to our product the unique, sophisticated and distinctive character typical of the Italian culture.
Considering “style” as the real added value of every Italian creation, we made use of the precious cooperation with some international Design Studios for the product design development.

One of them is MOMO Design, famous Italian Design Studio based in Milan, that has been involved in development of Hydroboulevard, a new LED bollard proposed in three heights and with two options of light distribution, 180° and 360°.

PaoloVillaDesign, led by homonymous Architect Paolo Villa, developed Hydroeclipse, a new range of decorative appliques for outdoor, counting ten different models in round, square and linear shapes.
Many other novelties have been included and we invite you to check them out downloading your e-catalogue copy through the following link.

Many thanks for your usual support and we look forward to a brilliant 2017 together!

Nov 16th, 2016


All photometric files of the new items we introduced this year are now available.
Download the complete and updated database here, and start your lighting design activities with us !

February 11th 2016

PUK is proud to introduce this small catalogue, which is resuming all new items we have introduced with our 2016 product program. New items 2016 will be presented during next Light and Building Frankfurt, do not miss the opportunity to pay us a visit, we will be exhibiting @ HALL 4.2 – BOOTH D 91.

January 29th 2016

2015 has been an great year that saw PUK grow up very fast and with significant results on the lighting projects market.

We have to make a very special thanks to all our customers who contributed to obtain this achievement, and we will surely remain fully committed on the continuous research of your satisfaction, through common efforts that hopefully will bring us bigger and bigger results.

2016 is going to be a crucial year: from March 13th to 18th the world of lighting will reunite in Frankfurt for Light and Building, an event with large importance that will establish the guidelines of lighting market for the upcoming two years.

For PUK year 2016 will also mean the start of a brand new business, turning into Urban Lighting, with three complete product families specifically studied for the lighting of urban centers, that represents our most important novelty for this year.
Of course many other new interesting items are included, we invite you to download our General Catalogue 2016 through the following link to discover all of them and start new selections for your projects.

… enjoy PUK lights !

Thanks for your attention and enjoy PUK GENERAL CATALOGUE 2016 !

PUK team

January 29th, 2015

It is with great pleasure that we are here introducing PUK GENERAL CATALOGUE 2015.

PUK GENERAL CATALOGUE 2015 will be your one & only PUK catalogue for current year, covering all products of actual PUK production.

This is a catalogue very Outdoor Architectural oriented, with the final goal to provide complete solutions for the outdoor lighting packages of your projects.

Several innovative products have been introduced, thanks to the continue research for the latest innovations, with the continue evolution and improvement of LED technology and with the will to expand the offered range of lighting fixtures.

Let’s see more on detail which are the main novelties and changes from the past:

  • Significant improvement of technical descriptions and technical details of the products, especially for LED-based items where particular attention is given to lumen output data.
  • Introduction of the “Driver Selection Chart”, a mini-guide for the selection of the most correct remote driver, for LED products which don’t have a driver built-in.
  • FLOODLIGHTS range has been completed with HYDROJET family, projectors with innovative design and LED technology with COB, and HYDROLASER family, to uplight skyscrapers up to 100 meters height.
  • WALL-MOUNTING category widely increased, with several new items including, among the others, HYDROWAVE, our “window-washer” light, which has deserved the Catalogue cover.
  • Also WALL-RECESSED category has been properly expanded, with the introduction of other interesting step-lights into HYDROSTEP family.
  • There are 4 new families on BOLLARDS range, with different shapes, different heights… different concepts, for a real wide choice with new HYDROLANE, HYDROSIDE, HYDROPLATE and HYDROWALK, to be added to already existing ones.
  • Some impressive novelties are there also for DOWNLIGHTS range, with HYDROTECH 03 and HYDROCEILING completely renewed with LED-based items.
  • …and much more !

PUK wants to spend a special thanks to all our clients who made possible the great results achieved last year.

Our growth derives from your trust and confidence on PUK products and people, and all what we’ve done with this catalogue is aimed for your and our common success.

Thanks for your attention and enjoy PUK GENERAL CATALOGUE 2015 !

PUK team

February 2nd, 2014

PUK Lighting is pleased to announce the release of our new LED Catalogue 2014.

Click and discover all our novelties for outdoor architectural lighting, everything made using latest LED technologies of the market.

All PUK LED products are developed with the constant spirit of research for an intelligent, sustainable and right light.

We once again renew our commitment in enlarging the range of the offered products to be used in your lighting projects.

PUK LED Catalogue 2014 contains:


Come to visit us at HALL 4.2 – STAND D91 during next Light and Building show in Frankfurt to get your hard copy.

As usual , all your comments and suggestions will be accepted and appreciated.

PUK team

Apr 15th, 2013


We are pleased to announce the release of P.U.K. General Catalogue 2013, the most customer-oriented catalogue in P.U.K. history !

Major changes from the past as follows:

· products classified under 8 macro-categories, depending on their main type of use
· introduction of a product codification, studied to simplify your product selections & purchase orders
· interesting new items that implement & enlarge our already existing range of outdoor/indoor light fittings

All the modifications have been introduced to improve at maximum the clearness of all the information contained in our documentation, inspired by the spirit of continuous improvement of our service to customers.
With the same spirit, we are willing to receive your suggestions and advices.



Nov 29th, 2012

NEWS 2013

P.U.K. ITALIA is proud to announce its novelties for the upcoming year !

Nov 22nd, 2012


Take a deep breath: P.U.K. ITALIA goes underwater !

Have a look to the brand-new Hydroscuba range, a complete family with high-quality LED and protection system IP68, completely realized in stainless steel AISI 316L marine grade, studied to resist to permanent immersions up to 3 meters.

Hydroscuba gives you a perfect solution to create light games with fountains, small lakes, swimming pools and Jacuzzis. Get creative and choose the most correct item choosing in between different sizes and recessed or adjustable versions.

Sep 9th, 2012


Jan 17th, 2012


Introducing our new range of outdoor lighting fixtures: HYDROBRACKET IP67, which use the experienced Hydrofloor quality for walls and building facades applications, a smart lighting tool that allow to complete lighting systems at any time, with the most correct ratio in between design and technical & architectural efficiency.

Metal Halides, new Cree XPG LED “Performance” and halogen give you a complete range of products and source solutions. Light can be focused with precision and locked in place. Can be mounted light-up or light-down or in desired position !

With this “new-concept” range of fixtures, our intention is to provide another valid item for your projects, giving always new & smart solutions to succeed on your market.